Visual technology

Visual technology figures prominently among our activities. Thanks to our continuously expanding selection of services we are able to help you with modern solutions in a number of areas, from the modernization of offices and boardrooms to marketing related presentation.

Our company provides first-hand delivery of the most modern, practical boardroom and conference room equipment. The image of the projector will never be too dark, digital tools will no longer reduce the aesthetic value of the well-designed boardroom, no need to monitor the battery level of several remote controls.

We provide the solutions that our clients need in the boardrooms, conference rooms, display windows and events.

You can find anything here from the most modern conference room and control room solutions to the newest visual devices for marketing and events.

Our company has significant experience with education technologies (interactive whiteboard, projection screen, projector, interactive education technology, LCD TV, plasma TV), event technologies (audio technology, visual technology, decoration wall, living surface) and marketing visualization and information systems (digital signage, interactive information kiosk, plasma wall, interactive display, masked projection, touchscreen solutions).

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