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Bravogroup Holding

Entry point to Hungary and CEE

Bravogroup: a key player in Hungarian business for more than 25 years.

Bravogroup is one of the most significant Hungarian owned, private holdings. In the course of almost 3 decades, we have provided office automation, mobile and IT services for thousands of satisfied customers with the help of more than 650 of our colleagues, working in 15 companies.

The secret of our stability and success, in addition to a quick adaptation to evolving needs and adherence to our principles, is:

  • the establishment of wide-ranging divisions,
  • separate evaluation of companies,
  • ensuring their profitability,
  • achieving continuous growth both within the companies and by setting up new activities.




18+ M EUR


300+ M EUR

Number of employees


Our activities

Our principles


As a continuously growing corporate group, we consider providing a proper space for our developing, talented colleagues a primary objective. Our task is long-term profit management that properly controls risk factors. The key to our advancement lies in successful agreements and cooperation, which provide the profits necessary for the implementation of innovations. We do all this while providing attractive work environments for our colleagues. Seeing their vital importance, we put financial independence and stability before growth.


We make business decisions based on prudent calculation and professional knowledge, bearing in mind the current market situation and any changes. Our goal is to be able to rely on professionalism and dedication in key decision-making situation instead of having our judgment be clouded by emotions.


In the course of our collaborations we strive to understand the world around us, but our decisions are only implemented based on our own experiences and conclusions. The acquired professional competencies are employed for the achievement of our goals, to formulate a unique strategy and to avoid rapidly changing fads. In our work, we are ready to deal with any tasks and see situations not as problems, but challenges to overcome.


Our colleagues and business partners can always expect us to openly inform them of any significant developments affecting our company, as we use this transparency to establish a basis for reliable teamwork. We pay special attention to the opinions our colleagues and endeavor to provide continuous feedback. Thanks to our methods, we are able to cooperate with our colleagues and partners in a trust-based system by regular and bilateral communication.


Mutual honesty and fairness are essential conditions for cooperation both within the company and with partners. Our authenticity is established by, among others, the fact that we only make promises regarding activities that we are able to keep and that we see such promises as obligations.

Owners and executives

The owners of Bravogroup Holding (by way of direct or indirect ownership) are exclusively from among the managers of the company group. Currently, the holding has 11 owners, with Péter Lakatos (LPH Kft.) acting as honorary chair, István Lakatos (Iker Invest Kft.) as CEO, and Árpád Kucska, Csaba Potoczky and Tamás Berke as division leaders, they have been with the company since its foundation, and who collectively hold more than 80% of shares. The intention of the founders is to achieve growth while involving members of the emerging generation and, in the future, to be able to expand the shareholder group with innovative, bright professionals from the new generation.

Péter Lakatos

István Lakatos

Csaba Potoczky

Árpád Kucska

Tamás Berke

Zoltán Kovács

Gábor Szép

László Ungurián

András Unger

Bence Szórádi

Bálint Balázs

Our partners

Our partners

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