Consumer product distribution

Bravogroup company group, as an innovative retail distributor, offers numerous products and related accessories to our partners.

Our professionalism and reliable, quality services are guaranteed by an innovative approach and the partnerships established with the largest of international manufacturers.

Our webshop offers a wide selection of personal assistants, thermostats, robotic vacuum cleaners, and the smart devices necessary for the automation of the home.

By continuously updating our stock and by providing fast delivery we are able to satisfy the requirements of our customers within the shortest possible time.

Our more than 150 products include motion sensors, personal assistants, thermostats, controllers, robotic vacuum cleaners and smart lighting.

In addition to our selection, which includes sensors, thermostats, control units, lamps and cameras, we support the installation of smart home systems with professional consultation, surveying, designing and implementation. In addition to the above listed products, we also offer solutions for the design and implementation of industrial, office and business LED lighting systems.

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