Our company group takes on the design of professional and quality lighting technology, from entry level to complex, industrial lighting systems.

Our young and adaptable team of engineers applies innovative technologies and designs and implements complex solutions in accordance with the needs of our customers.

In the course of our decades-long presence on the market, we have completed more than 100 successful projects, providing lighting systems for the building complexes of companies such as Costa Coffee, Danubius Hotels Group, Magyar Telekom, iStyle, and Praktiker.

Our primary goal is to create the most efficient, economical and reliable lighting systems for our clients, with due regard to aesthetic quality.

In our work we employ, among others, cost-effective and environmentally friendly LED technologies for use in industrial, business, office, home or even catering environments, which technologies provide comfortable, optimal light suitable for the environment.

When designing creative smart lighting systems we use such technologies such as Philips Hue lightstrips, which can be easily controlled using a free smart phone application and thus create a remotely operable, atmospheric and intelligent service.

In addition to implementing and developing lighting technology systems, we assist our clients in their investments with surveys, technical consultation, lighting design, the preparation of complex calculation, offers, and cost-savings based ESCO financing.

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