IT security

At the Bravogroup company group, we provide sustainable and comprehensive IT security solutions to our corporate customers.

The goal of our activities is the high-level protection of the business data, intellectual property and customer data of our clients.

In order to achieve this goal, we take advantage of the products and innovative solutions offered by the most renowned international producers.

Our services include network security, cyber security, and authorization and access management.

As for the network infrastructure that is the basis of IT security systems, we provide network segmentation, border security technologies, e-mail and web filtering, VPN service and secure DNS/DHCP systems.

In order to detect and manage more advanced or even unknown forms of cyber-attacks, we employ the following solutions: new generation border security technologies, network traffic analysis, endpoint security systems, integrated vulnerability, threat and security policy management systems.

In the case of targeted cyber-attacks, in order to have the most effective preventive and detection methods, we provide security analysis systems by creating SOC (Security Operation Center), CDC (Cyber Defense Center), or CSIRT (Cyber Security Incident Response Team) organizations.

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