Internet of Things

IoT, automatation, M2M

At Bravogroup, we provide essential systems and platforms for revolutionary IoT projects in order to successfully implement automation.

We facilitate the procurement, operation and system integration of sensors and cloud-based platforms and, if necessary, undertake software development.

With our services we create an automatically operating system, in which data transmitted by devices is processed, and specific activities are initiated depending on the results.

Our new wireless technologies ensure favorable investment and operational costs for customers, low power consumption and large coverage.

Our activities make possible to know beforehand where free parking spaces in the downtown area are, when a production line fails or, in the case of agriculture, when plants are affected by a disease and what measures do you need to take, or you can even arrange for your water meter to automatically report metering data to the utility provider.

In our assignments we offer solutions in ten main segments, which are briefly described below:

Smart City

  • Smart parking, real-time monitoring of parking space reservations
  • Improving the efficiency of waste collection, monitoring of the fullness of trash containers

Smart Home

  • Carbon-monoxide sensor with remote alarm
  • Lighting control
  • Pool water quality and temperature monitoring
  • Detection of water leakage/pipeline burst, smart water meter

Smart Office

  • Indication of boardroom occupancy
  • Indication, alarm regarding the usage of a fire extinguisher
  • Carbon-monoxide concentration monitoring in the boardroom, ventilation in case of excessive concentration


  • Forecasting of diseases affecting the plants
  • Smart replenishment of nutrients and water in the soil based on measurements
  • Tracking of animals, monitoring of animal movements, heat


  • Prediction of defects in manufacturing equipment

Logistics, Transportation

  • Tracking of goods/package/pallet
  • Monitoring of temperature during transportation
  • In case of dropped goods, measurement of the fall’s force

Public Utilities, Power/Water/Gas service provider

  • Smart utility meters
  • Power consumption monitoring
  • Alarms

Health Care

  • Time monitoring via motion detection
  • Emergency alert button
  • Defibrillator monitoring

Trade, Service providers, Business

  • Customer satisfaction evaluation terminal
  • Monitoring of the numbers and movement of people
  • Smart button (almost any event can be assigned to the button)


  • Portable toilet fullness indication
  • Multifunctional device, can even be used at home: temperature, brightness, detection of doors opened, buttons pushed

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