Business applications

Our company provides professional assistance to our partners in the solution of automation and data management related problems through the design and development of unique business applications.

Our team, hardened by working on software delivered to large corporations and institutions, has an established project management methodology background, documentation culture and experienced business analysts.

The .Net technologies we prefer are supplemented with the toolkit most suitable for the solution of the given problem. Thus, our applications are always designed on a lasting, modern technological basis and also in a sustainable manner.

The foundation of successful performance is the creation of a methodology background for the development. The tools supporting work organization, code management, automatic tests and other testing processes form a whole in a complex system for the coordination of day-to-day development projects.

We have a great deal of project experience in the design and introduction of SharePoint-based systems. With these products we offer solutions for a variety of business fields: management of corporate intranets, work processes, work groups, organization of office work, support of project work, provisioning of document storage and traceability.

In the form of individual products, we offer task management solutions, authorization management toolkits, software inventories, procurement planning and management software, and, for municipalities, web-based catering systems.

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